What is Huperzia Serrata?

Huperzia Serrata extractWhat is a herb, and do we really understand herbs? A herb can be anything which can be used a remedy to treat a medical condition. It does not have to be a herb like lavender or rosemary. Trees can be a herb and so can a moss. As a matter of fact, mosses have been used for a long time in the treatment of a range of conditions and we are looking here about one moss in particular, Huperzia Serrata.

We don’t actually know that much about moss. It is one of those areas scientists have not really studied, but the world is full of different species of moss. This makes moss an untapped source of knowledge.

Where Do Mosses Grow?

A moss can grow almost anywhere. It is one of the first plants and the fossil record goes back for million of years. Today, mosses can be found growing almost anywhere. We often ignore them as they are all small and don’t flower. However, mosses can be used in your garden or your indoor planting set up. They do particularly well in bottle gardens.

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Treating Insomnia

insomnia helpTreating insomnia is probably easier than you think. The cause of this disorder can be very simple. If you want to treat insomnia, you first have to identify what is causing it.

Many people suffer from this disorder because they have a high level of anxiety. If you are experiencing a lot of stress, you might also not be getting a lot of sleep. Anxiety and stress can make our minds work overtime, and we might have a hard time relaxing our minds enough to sleep. Also, anxiety makes our bodies stiff too. If this is your problem, using relaxation techniques could be your solution. You should practice deep breathing, and meditation to relax yourself.

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The Best Way To Battle Depression

depression in young

Many people suffer from depression and do not seek treatment for their condition. Depression is recognized as a mental illness and the best way to get through these tough times is to get some help. You should keep reading if you are currently dealing with depression or know someone who is.

You should not blame yourself for feeling depressed. Feeling depressed is sometimes a natural reaction to stressful events. Try putting together a list of the reasons why you feel depressed. Treating the problem at its roots is a great way to get over your depression and make sure it does not come back.

Meet with your family doctor to talk about your problems. Your doctor will be able to refer you to another professional who specializes in treating depression. You might meet with a counselor or with a psychiatrist if you suffer from a severe case of depression. Getting help from a professional will help you understand what you are going through and give you the tools you need to battle your depression.

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Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

hair loss general

Hair loss is a serious problem for most men at their young ages. Some men would lose their hair at the tender age of 20’s. Hair loss would be natural for people who are older, but, it is a real problem when it occurs in young men.

Losing about 100 strands of hair a day is considered normal. Most people would try to treat hair loss with hair transplant surgery or medications, which is very costly and could have unwanted side effects. The best treatment for hair loss is to take the natural approach of treatment. A healthy diet coupled with exercise and herbal remedies is one of the most effective treatments for hair loss.

One of the main reasons for hair loss is the lack of nutrients in the day to day food items. Taking a meal high in protein and low in carbohydrates with a low fat content, is one of the best dieting solutions for hair loss. Spinach, soy, tuna, walnuts, sunflower seeds and omega 3 & 6 are complete with essential fatty acids and are best for preventing hair loss. Not getting these nutrients would encourage excessive hair loss in most men.

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